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if you're interested in receiving a few clues to help you solve the mystery of writing your own mystery, Partners in Crime Boise may be able to help. We've helped Lois Lewandowski:

Lois said: "Several years ago my book was critiqued by members of your Criminal Pursuits program. Originally, THE FATAL HEIR started out with an entertaining probation story but, as all of the Boise sisters or brothers noted (one in stronger words than the others), those characters did not seem to appear in the book again and that was a problem. Although the comments of the readers varied greatly, the chapter members rated characters, settings, dialogue, etc. pretty consistently and I could tell what was working and what was not working. In short, yours was the most helpful critique and cost the least amount of money."

(Lois' book is available from or book stores near you. You can find out more on her website at

A number of Partners in Crime Boise's avid mystery readers are willing to provide feedback on your manuscript. For a $25.00 contribution, you will receive a detailed feedback sheet and comments from four readers on the first 25 pages plus the complete synopsis of your manuscript. Readers will provide reactions on your characters, story development, dialogue, narrative, setting, and plot. Keep in mind these are mystery readers' reactions, not those of professional editors or agents. Nevertheless, for those of you who are not involved in critique groups, and whose only access to "readers" might be friends or relatives, this should be a most useful service--a way to receive an honest opinion from a completely impartial source. 

So, are you ready to be booked? Find out now! Send four copies of both your synopsis and the first 25 pages of your mystery (you can leave your name off of all except the cover sheet if you wish), along with $25.00 (please make out your check to "Partners In Crime"), and an SASE for return of your material—only if you don't want it to be recycled—to:

Criminal Pursuits--SinC
c/o Blane Holden
6568 S. Federal Way, #275
Boise, ID 83716

Manuscripts should be submitted in standard industry format. If you have any questions about this program, email the program coordinator for the Boise chapter, Blane Holden, or write to the above address.

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